The Globe Theatre has got to be one of the coolest touristy things you can do in London. They have a pretty awesome museum open year-round. But if you’re lucky enough to be in London for the summer season April through September (when it is ever so slightly less likely to rain) you can catch a live performance of a Shakespeare play. Done in the same manner it would have been done back in the day. I saw Romeo and Juliet here and it was enchanting.

If you’re in London for the summer season, a play at the Globe is a treat! If you’re not here for the summer season, you can check out the museum and still go in to the theatre for a looksy. Tickets for the museum run about £13.50 (unless you have a student card) whilst tickets for a play run about £30 for a seat in the gallery or £5 to stand in the Yard like a pauper. It’s all part of the experience, eh? Also, the seats are not that comfortable. So if you’re looking to save your pennies – defo save yourself the £25 and just stand for the performance.


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