Sent to the Tower.

Kiwi, CanadiAnne, Leacy and I had a girls weekend and went down to London for a 4 day weekend. One of the first things we decided to do was go to the Tower of London. We ended up hanging about for the guided tour with the Yeoman – which was worth it. Well, it was free…so I guess anything would be worth it. But this was actually really good and informative while still being interesting. I learned a lot about the castle that way. We also took our sweet time wandering around the castle on our own afterwards. We easily spent the whole afternoon here.

The Tower is loaded with history and is really interesting. It has several hands-on activities for kiddos (and Kiwi). There are also some pretty spectacular views across the Thames from the Tower of London. The tickets are a little pricey (£22 for adults including a voluntary donation) – defo bring your student ID card if you have one – or book online if you don’t. Also, you can choose to not pay the voluntary donation of £2 – you just have to say so when you get to the ticket counter.


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