Elle and I took a day to go down to Paris and see the infamous Château de Versailles. We wandered around the inside of Versailles only briefly – mainly to see the galeries des glaces (Hall of Mirrors) – because we both agreed that we would rather spend the majority of the day in the gardens.

Versailles deserves its status as a must-see in Paris. The inside is gorgeous, of course. For me, I loved wandering around the gardens and Marie Antoinette’s Petit Trianon. I could have wandered around for at least one other day. This was such a lovely way to spend a day in France.



  1. When I visited France for a week last summer, my friend and I decided to forego Versailles because of the crowds. I loved the beautiful places we did see, but a part of me wishes we could have worked it in.

    • There are huge crowds – as you can tell from the photos. The only way to lessen that is to travel at during the off season (not summertime) and go during the week. You’ll just have to go back one day to see it! It really is something.

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