We walked to the Hofburg to see the silver and the Imperial Apartments.

But first, a trip through one of the gardens! Once you’ve bought your ticket and picked up your audio guide, you proceed through the silverware and porcelain collection of the Hapsburgs. I was shocked at how much remained. There were rooms and rooms of cases filled with plates and table settings and silverware – some of which is still used today for state dinners. Can you imagine sitting down and eating with silverware that the Hapsburg family used? After the silverware and porcelain collection, you head upstairs to the Sisi Museum. Sisi was a nickname for the beloved Empress Elizabeth. The museum details her life as a royal and her assassination. Admittedly, I had no idea she was assassinated before getting to that part of the museum.After the Sisi Museum, you walk through a set of doors and into the Imperial Apartments. There are loads of rooms that are decorated with the same furniture as it had when the Hapsburgs lived there. If the furniture isn’t the same, there is a sign saying that it is a reproduction. The attention to detail in the rooms is magnificent.

There were loads of signs saying no photos of the silverware and porcelain collection, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartments. I’m afraid you’ll have to catch a flight to Vienna and see it all yourself! It really was a sight to see. The Hofburg complex was stunning.


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