To celebrate newfound employment in Atlanta, M.Stewart, Fronzel and I went to a new(ish) burger joint called Flip on Highland Ave. Fronzel sold me on this being the chosen celebratory burger because they have ridiculous milkshakes. And it’s true.

But before we can indulge in milkshakes for dessert, we have to eat our burgers. I opted for the Oaxaca with avocado, cilantro-lime mayo, queso fresco, and pico de gallo – except I got it without pico de gallo cause I am not a fan. I loved my burger. It was a bit messy, but the flavors were bold and delicious. M.Stewart went for the Farmer with tillamook aged cheddar, apple chutney, kale, and smoked mayo. M.Stewart hates kale, but she said it was actually rather pleasant. I don’t remember what Fronzel got, but it doesn’t matter cause he ate it up so fast the waitress offered him a second burger!

Also amazing were the fries, sweet potato tots and brussels sprouts. I loved the house-made ketchup and mayo – a very nice touch that is evident in the delicious flavor. I also really loved the texture of the sweet potato tots. They were fluffy and light with a good outside that wasn’t too crunchy. The brussels sprouts were similar to M.Stewart’s (a recipe I will have to share with you soon!) but with the addition of garlic and apple cider vinaigrette. SO AMAZING. I could have eaten a meal of just those.

For dessert, M.Stewart and Fronzel shared the nutella and burny marshmallow milkshake. I went totally indulgent and got the Krispy Kreme milkshake. Which is basically Krispy Kreme doughnuts that were frozen and then mashed to bits and made into ice cream. It was indulgent and rich. Luckily the milkshakes aren’t huge. Although I still probably should have had help!

My only complaint about Flip was the price. The food was good, but everything seems to be extra. For example, the $7-14 burger comes alone. Sides range from $3.50-9. Milkshakes are $5. All in all, my burger, sprouts, milkshake and a coke came to almost $25. Sadly, this place will have to remain just a treat to celebrate something.



  1. All of the good hamburger places are always so expensive! Have you ever been to Farm Burger? It’s my favorite burger place. Still kind of pricey but soooo good. They also have a daily $10 deal (burger, fries, drink). Maybe check them out next time.

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