We decided to pop in to the 1516 Brewery for supper and a few drinks.

Rambo quite enjoys a good currywürst, and the one we split earlier that day just made him want another. So he opted for the currywürst supper. I decided to be a bit adventurous and went for the “Cordon Bleu of Angus Beef with Chanterelle-Alpine Cheese Filling, Salad & Dip”.This blew me away. Everything about this cordon bleu was spot on. The cheese and mushrooms were so perfectly paired and gave it such a sharp and rich flavor. The alpine cheese was really gooey and delish.
Rambo sampled some of the beer they brew inhouse. He went for the 1516 Lager and said it was quite tasty.I sampled another local brew: Aspall’s. okay, so it isn’t actually local to Austria, but this was the first restaurant or pub that sold cider and that made me happy.

Things might have gotten a bit silly after a while. We left the 1516 Brewing Company quite happy and full and began our trek back to the hotel.


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