Ribs of Vienna.

We wandered lazily back into town and walked around Stephansplatz for ages turning onto the various little streets that jut off from it. After we were sufficiently hungry, we stopped in at Ribs of Vienna. If you like ribs at all, you NEED to eat here. Another great plus for this place? They are open until midnight! Rambo and I started with Austrian beer for him and a bottle of Rosenmuskateller (a sweet red wine) for me. Rambo got Volcano ribs and I chose the Indian ribs.

As someone who has lived in Texas for too many years now, I have eaten my fair share of ribs. These ribs are unlike anything I’ve ever eaten. These may, in fact, be the best ribs I have ever had. In my whole life. These ribs are not soaked in sauce. Actually, there isn’t any sauce! They have amazing and complex tasting rubs and are served with dipping sauces. We deduced mine to be akin to coronation chicken sauce (for you Brits out there) or like mayo with curry powder mixed in (for non-Brits who, like me, don’t know what coronation chicken is). The sauces for the volcano ribs seemed to be a garlic mayo (akin to aioli) and a spicy ketchup. This place is a MUST if you are within a two hour train ride of Vienna. Trust me. You won’t regret travelling for these ribs. I promise! And so does Rambo!



    • It’s definitely worth the trip if you’re ever in that vicinity! We flew out of Vienna after being in Budapest for 2 weeks, and this was the only thing that made me excited to go back to Vienna.

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