Travel Tip #5

Choose your travel partners carefully.


Traveling can be very stressful and it can damage new friendships if you’re not careful. It can also make your trip less enjoyable if you have different ideas of how to pass a good time. I traveled with a new friend that constantly wanted to go out drinking, and with me not being a huge drinker it led to some conflict. I was pretty lucky that we were staying in a small town and there weren’t too many options for drinking available. Then on our next trip together I realized she was much more of a partier that I had thought. Which led to our days not starting until 1 or 2pm. Not that I am an early-riser by any stretch of the imagination…but I like to be out and about for 9 or 10. Especially in a big tourist destination…it’s better to be there early and beat some of the crowds.

There is also added stress to make sure everyone feels like they got to do and see what they wanted so they don’t feel like they got the short end of the stick. For me, I found that doing research and planning together was the easiest way to resolve that. Making a joint list of things to do makes it easier to meet everyone’s desires.

Don’t be afraid to travel solo. You’ll meet and make friends in hostels or just wandering about town.


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