Les Mouettes.

From Caen, we took a bus ride to Bretagne to the old pirate town called Saint-Malo. We just spent one day in Saint-Malo wandering the winding streets. But I will always remember this small pirate town.

Unless you speak French, you might be wondering what “Les Mouettes” means. It means “The Seagulls” because they are what I remember most vividly about Saint-Malo. As we were heading towards the bus to  go back to Caen, I was happily eating my crêpe with nutella on it when down swooped a seagull and stole my crêpe. Like, I was just about to take a bite when he swooped down and took it from my hands. Also, as if to show he was the boss of Saint-Malo, he hit Elle with his wing!

So when you’re in Saint-Malo, watch for les mouettes…. Or else they’ll steal your crêpes.


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