A short weekend in Wales.

I went to Wales to visit a university that I was interested in for my Master’s degree (which I would absolutely love to attend). Since no one else was particularly keen on a university visit weekend, I was on my own in Aberystwyth (uh-BEAR-ist-with, if you’re curious). Which can really be a lovely way to travel.

It was a pretty long train ride from Glasgow (with two changes)but I made it just in time to tour the campus. After the visiting day was over, I had time to walk around Aberystwyth and check out the town for myself. It’s a quaint little Welsh town right on the Irish Sea that just oozes charm. I took a climb up Constitution Hill (which was not nearly as tough as Arthur’s Seat) that afforded the most beautiful views of the town and the Sea.

I had a really lovely time in Aberystwyth. I hope to go back someday and see it all again. If you’re in Wales, I’d recommend popping by for a day or two.



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