Le Château de Caen.

Formerly the castle of Guillaume le Conquerant (or William the Conqueror, in English), Le Château de Caen in situated smack dab in the middle of town. It’s free and open to the public to walk around and soak up the history. There are a couple of museums inside the castle walls. And since the castle is set up overlooking Caen, you can get some pretty nice views of the town.

One of our favorite things to do in Caen was to pop into a grocery store and buy a few bottles of cidre de normandie (I prefer the cidre doux, but Elle prefers the cidre brut) and some beer and hang out on the grass outside the castle walls and drink. As long as you’re not causing a ruckus or leave a huge mess, they don’t mind too much if you drink in public. We would always make our plans after class let out to meet at le papillon (the butterfly). For some reason, there was a butterfly of flowers outside the castle walls and not far from the Quatrans tram stop. Since each of us found it odd, it always stuck with us as a place to meet up.


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