This is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole world. Seriously. Ketchup is amazing. They do burgers (of all varieties: beef, chicken, veggie) and they do them so well. No joke. I only went to the one in the West End on Ashton Lane…but I went there quite a lot. Rambo and I had Ketchup burgers at  Hummingbird on Bath Street once and it was amazing – but they don’t have the full menu. Hummingbird on Bath St. is a great option if you are wanting a great burger, but you’re in the City Centre and cannae be arsed going all the way to the West End or Southside.

I am head over heels for their hand battered mozzarella balls. SO much goodness. My favorite burger is the Goodfella: pepperoni slices, slices of mozzarella, balsamic-marinated tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and olive-herb mayo. I hope they have these in heaven.

This was the one place that I absolutely had to take C when she came to Glasgow to see me. You will regret not enjoying one of their burgers. Also, they do 2-4-1 burgers with a student ID all day Mon-Thurs and 11-5 on Fridays. And that makes it taste even better. So grab a mate and get to Ketchup (or Hummingbird on Bath Street)!


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