They’ll never take our freedom!

Standing tall above the city of Stirling is the National Wallace Monument. You’re defo gonna want to take a bus to get here from Stirling’s centre (or have an hour-long walk on your hands). When you get there, make sure you walk up the path. They have a bus that can take you up the hill that runs really regularly, but the path is beautiful. You may not know this, but it rains lots in Scotland. So they have amazing nature trails.

But brace yourself. Because it is a long and winding climb to the top of the Monument. There are 246 steps in the spiral staircase made of stone. They have two or three levels that you can stop in at (to catch your breath) so you can see some artifacts and learn about Sir William Wallace. They even have what is thought to be his sword (and it’s massive) on display. But the whole reason to come here (and put up with those stairs) is the view from the top of the Monument. By the time we made it up all the stairs the wind had really picked up, and Leacy and I were a little afraid that we were gonna blow right off the top! Luckily, we survived.

The National Wallace Monument is defo one of my must-do’s in Scotland. It was quite a trek to the top, but the view was so worth it.


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