Pan Am.

Remember that short-lived show “Pan Am“? I loved that show. My friends from 5C and I used to have watching parties the day after it aired in America, and we would watch the stream online in Glasgow. I love old thingsand a set of Samsonite cases is something I’ve dreamt about for years. There’s something about Samsonsite cases that remind me of a classier time…. The time of Pan Am making traveling by airplane an experience.

 The heater at my grandparent’s house went out and we sent my cousin went up to check the heater. I was shocked that he found these beautiful babies in their attic. They were hidden inside black garbage bags, so it was a bit like Christmas. The first one I opened was an Oscar de la Renta case. As if that wasn’t like hitting the jackpot, I found some gorgeous Samsonite cases. I’ve wanted a set of these for ages, but they are always in poor enough condition that I talk myself out of dropping my hard-earned dough on them. Piglet and I looked at each other and she asked which one I wanted (after I had finished jumping up and down over the Samsonites). When I excitedly pointed at them, she sighed and said “Good, ’cause I wanted that one!” pointing at the de la Renta case.

I think my cousins might think I’m a looney for how excited I got over these suitcases. But they are just a dream! And to find them in such amazing condition is incredible to me. I didn’t even know they had these. I don’t know exactly how old they are, but I reckon they are from 1965-1975.


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