35 Forints.

While volunteering to work for Dad while he’s battling his malaria, I did a little shopping. Across the way from his booth a woman is selling the remains of her mother and grandmother’s estates. Mostly it’s jewelry, but I found something infinitely more interesting on her table: 35 Hungarian Forints. She had no idea what they were or how she came to have them, but I was over the moon.

What’s so interesting about these Forints, you may ask? They predate the fall of the USSR. How cool is that? In a small town in Texas, a woman has Hungarian money from the Cold War era. The faces on the coins are Hungarians who fought the good fight and tried to disrupt the rule of the Bourgeoisie such as Kossuth Lajos and Dózsa György. The other coin has the Liberty Statue that stands atop Gellért Hill in Budapest (which was constructed “for the liberating Soviets by the grateful Hungarians”).


In case you’re curious, 35 Forint comes to a whopping 15 cents.


What do you think?

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