Soda Shoppe.

Can I tell you a secret? I’m actually really old. A sure-fire way to convince me to do something is by telling me it’s old. So when Mom and I found a groupon for a discount at Highland Park Old-Fashioned Soda Fountain, I was super keen. I love the idea of a soda shoppe. You might remember when we went to Dublin and I went gaga for their floats.

Mom got her favorite: Root Beer Float. She said it was pretty good (she happily slurped away at it until it was all gone!) I went for something new and tried the Orange Freeze. It’s made with frozen sherbet and they said it’s like a slurpee. It was pretty good. It was flavorful and sweet – but not nearly as heavy as it looks. For food, Mom went for a classic: Egg Salad. It was really good. It had a surprising sweetness to it, which we reckon was the pickle relish. I recently fell in love with pimento cheese and had to have it again. So I went for the Pimento Cheese and Ham Salad combo not really having any idea what I was going to be getting. Boy, oh boy. I had never heard of Ham Salad before… but I was willing to bet it was something like tuna salad or chicken salad. And I like those things, so why not ham salad? I was right. Except mixing that with pimento cheese was like heaven between two slices of bread. I’m already planning on ways to make this sandwich happen wayyy more often!


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