This old house.


I’m in central Louisiana this week and I wanted to tell you about the house I’m staying in. My grandparents bought it way back in 1946 when it was over on Lakeview Street in Downtown. About 10 years later, my Papaw sold the land for 10 grand to the bank next door. He asked the banker what they planned to do with the house, and he replied that they were going to tear it down. Papaw asked if he could take the house to another lot, and the bank gave him 30 days to move it. So Papaw contacted a family member who was in the house-moving business. They cut the house in half and moved it across town. And here it has stayed since 1957. This lovely old house, which was built before 1900, has seen some amazing things change over the years.

I have so many memories of this house. I guess I’m lucky that they always lived here. A constant in an ever-changing world. Their house hasn’t changed a bit in all the years I’ve been coming here. I can remember hunting for Easter eggs in their (seemingly) massive backyard. I remember sitting at the kitchen table for breakfast every morning (made by my Papaw, of course) which always consisted of biscuits with jelly, a sausage patty and scrambled eggs. What a house this is!


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