Wisdom from the other Hepburn.

“Always do what pleases you, at least one person is satisfied.” – Katharine Hepburn.

This quote from her is something that I try to remind myself of everyday. I actually have it written on a sticky note that I see when I walk in or out of my room. I called her the other Hepburn, because I find that people often forget about her.  Maybe because she was here and famous before Audrey? Or maybe because she wasn’t as strikingly beautiful? I don’t know. But Katharine Hepburn had gumption and really spoke her mind. Two qualities I respect in a woman.

I am a people-pleaser. To the very core of me. I want everyone around me to be happy (especially with me). Katharine Hepburn reminds me that I need to make sure that I find what I’m doing pleasing, because there’s no way to please everyone else. Someone will always be displeased with the choices that you’ve made: what university you went to (or didn’t), who you married, what job you have, etc.


What do you think?

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