chicken for lunch.

M.Stewart recently discovered a new place in Atlanta that only does chicken. It’s called Bantam + Biddy and it’s basically amazing. They do (almost) only chicken, but they do it really well.


M.Stewart and Rambo both went for the 1/4 chicken. M.Stewart got the salad and spinach with the wasakaka sauce for the chicken. Rambo went for duck fat fries, mac n cheese, and the piri piri sauce for his chicken. The piri piri sauce was good, but not what I know piri piri to be (having learnt in Britain). The piri piri sauce was not spicy at all.


DSC03665I went for the totally nontraditional poutine with roast chicken. It was super yummy and a bit heavier than I expected. The gravy was light and thin, which made it easy to scoop with cheese and fries. The cheese was delicious. When I started getting full, I changed my game plan and just went after the cheese!

  DSC03663Bantam + Biddy was delicious. If you’re around Atlanta, definitely check it out for some awesome chicken. You can thank me later!


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