Brunch in Atlanta.

In downtown Atlanta, there is this amazing (kinda posh/kinda hipster) restaurant called Empire State South that M.Stewart has been dying to go to for brunch. After a little prodding, we convinced Fronzel that we needed to go. Check out my mocha that I got while we waited at the bar for our table.
Rambo, M.Stewart, and Fronzel all got plain old coffees.

We opted for the monkey bread and pimento cheese to start.

There were some complaints that the monkey bread wasn’t sweet enough for some people. I’ve never had monkey bread before. It wasn’t very sweet, but the bread had a good consistency and the hazelnuts were yummy. The pimento cheese, on the other hand, was a table favorite. That’s a huge scoop of bacon on top.

I went for the duck leg with grits, braised greens, and a coddled egg. The duck was crispy and juicy and amazing.

A coddled egg is slow cooked on low heat with magic. It jiggles like Kim Kardashian’s butt (according to our waiter). It’s like the best kind of poached egg. When you cut into it, it’s like cutting into room temperature butter. And when you eat it, it just melts in your mouth. Basically, I just found my new favorite kind of egg.

Our waiter promised a party if you mix their pimento cheese into the grits. And he wasn’t lying. That was so yummy! I mean, cheesy, slightly spicy grits. What’s not to love?

M.Stewart went for the GA trout (which Rambo didn’t know meant Georgia and I had a good laugh at his expense).

Fronzel went for beef. As expected.

Rambo went for the English muffin with bologna, beet greens, candied bacon, egg, and pepper jelly.
Which was apparently quite messy!

Rambo loved his English muffin. He said it was deceptively heavy eating. Also that he liked the bit of candied bacon that fell out by itself.
All in all, Empire State South is a little pricey. But for the quality of food, it’s totally worth it. The menu changes seasonally, according to M.Stewart. I would love to go back for lunch or dinner one day.



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