Archie Bunker.

M.Stewart has been taking me to a BBQ joint here in Atlanta for the last several times I’ve come to visit. Basically, I keep making her and Fronzel take me to get this one sandwich because it is legit the bomb-dot-com.

The Archie Bunker is made of pulled pork, mac n cheese, BBQ sauce on texas toast. The pork is so tender it’s almost like butter. The mac n cheese is creamy without being overpowering. The sauce is tangy and full of flavor. All of these wonderful things combine and make this sandwich a reason to come to Atlanta.

Also: sweet potato tots?? Yes please! They are not sweet, and the inside is mushy and amazing.

The first thing Rambo saw on the menu was a dessert of epicness. Banana pudding and candied bacon parfait. Say what?????

The banana pudding was amazing. There were chunks of banana (which I love in banana pudding) as well as nice chunks of nilla wafers.

Now. Candied bacon. Whoa. It’s defo a weird thing. It still tastes of bacon. Salty and full of flavor. But then it is sticky and kind of sweet. And there’s a surprise layer of candied bacon about halfway down the parfait. My only complaint was that the candied bacon sticks together in big hunks (that aren’t super easy to break up) and it sticks to my teeth. Rambo loved the candied bacon. Because…..bacon!


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