fancy hot dogs.

For our last meal in New Orleans, we went to the other side of town for fancy hot dogs at Dat Dog. They caught our attention with duck sausage, crawfish sausage, alligator sausage and…are you ready for it? Turducken sausage! As soon as Rambo said turducken sausage, I was sold. Growing up in South Louisiana, I am a huge fan of turducken.

All I got on my turducken sausage had to dress it was mayo and andouille sauce. Tip: andouille sauce was basically a gravy. :]

The bun was a little sweet (which I am a big fan of) but super light and fluffy. The skin of the sausage was perfectly crisp and you could hear the snap when you bit into it.

The sausage was pretty dense and had a nice (kinda surprising) spice to it. Rambo and I were both convinced this was the better sausage of the two we had.
Rambo went for the local delicacy – crawfish sausage. His sausage had crawfish étouffée, creole mustard and tomatoes.

His had the same bun and the same crispiness to the sausage. I had two complaints about Rambo’s sausage. 1 – the sausage itself was a bit fatty/gristle-y. 2 – the étouffée was creole. I grew up on cajun étouffée and I am just not down with creole.

Going with the theme of local delicacies, we went for the crawfish étouffée french fries. 

Super yum. Again, there’s the complaint that it is creole étouffée instead of cajun. Admittedly, I need to get over it because it’s New Orleans and they don’t make cajun food there. The fries were well seasoned and had the nice crispy outside-fluffy inside thing going on.

For sure get the turducken sausage. In my opinion, give the crawfish sausage and étouffée fries a miss. There were loads of other kinds of sausage to try and plenty of other french fry combinations. Plus, they apparently do weekly special dogs. If you’re in or around New Orleans, this place is defo worth a look (and taste).


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