crawfish, crab, and bananas foster.

To start 2014 off the right way, Little J drove from Red Stick to New Orleans to spend the evening with us. Like good cajuns, that meant the evening consisted of food and good chat.

We went to a place just up the road from our hotel called Deanie’s Seafood. Some places bring you bread while you wait on your food, Deanie’s brings you boiled potatoes. Like that’s a totally normal thing to eat alone. (Little J and I seriously recommend using both the butter and the hot sauce on them.)

The special starter of the day was crawfish nachos. Which sounded kind of off the wall and delicious. So we were totally needing them.

OMG. I dunno who thought of this, but they deserve a prize. like for real. the chips were just thin bits of potato (not tortilla) covered in some kind of cream sauce that had crawfish tails in it. Covered in cheese. with jalapeños and sour cream. heaven.

This needed to be photo-documented. Rambo ate salad. It was his third salad in about 4 days.

Little J and I split the crab quartet.

Crab au gratin, stuffed crab, fried soft shell crab, fried crab claws. Little J and I split it since we gorged on the crawfish nachos.

Rambo had BBQ shrimp. Important note: BBQ Shrimp doesn’t have like, actual, BBQ sauce. It’s more like a wet, red, buttery sauce.

Rambo made two of his monster shrimps fight to the death.

Little J was impressed with the size of this crab claw. I reckon he was on the ‘roods.

I kept getting irrationally angry because every single person out on Bourbon Street seems to be under the impression that we throw beads for every holiday. FALSE. Beads are thrown only for Mardi Gras.

We did a little bit of souvenir window shopping while we were out and Little J and Rambo found some pretty fantastic masks.

After wandering aimlessly for about an hour, we all decided it was time for dessert. We ended up at Arnaud’s.

Little J went for the praline crêpes. They were pretty delish. The crêpe was light and the filling was exactly as a cream version of a praline should taste.

Rambo and I got the bananas foster. Seeing this dessert get made is like half of the fun of getting it.

Bananas Foster was amazing. SUPER duper alcoholy, but yum. The cold of the ice cream balances the alcohol and warmth of the rest of the dessert.


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