spice up your life!

Probably the most famous hot sauce ever is made in South Louisiana on Avery Island. I can remember going there as a youngin’ and learning about the sauce. Since he is obsessed with spicy things, I took Rambo there to show him how we make the stuff! The tour of the plant is free and they have a shop where you can buy any kind of Tabasco that you fancy!

Apparently the Queen is a fan of Tabasco. Who knew?

Look ma! Rambo made it to Avery Island in one piece!

So did I!

Then we found an enormous (fake) bottle of Tabasco.

A map of everywhere that Tabasco is shipped.

and there they all go!

The plant bottles Monday through Thursday and you can walk by them working.Then there is a small museum with info and old adverts. Like this fella with the fetching hat.

A model of Avery Island including the salt domes and planting fields.

Some of the pepper mash as it is fermenting.

After you exit the gift shop, you are graced with this view of the foliage and bottling building.

You can turn left out of the drive and go see the gardens. They were stunning the last time I saw them – which was quite some time ago. Rambo was a poop (and it was getting late) so we didn’t go see them.
Inside the shop they have testers of every sauce as well as Tabasco cola and ice cream. I seriously recommend the raspberry chipotle ice cream.


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