a memory.

They say that sense of smell is the strongest sense to trigger memories. When I put on a perfume that I haven’t worn in a while, I was immediately taken back to my time in Glasgow.

MStew gave me Coco Mademoiselle when I ran away to Scotland and I wore it constantly. As soon as I put it on the other day, I was immediately transported back to Flat 16C. Among other things, being transported in my memory made me miss my flatmates dearly (along with the rest of Team 16A).

Even as I was walking out of the house I’ve lived in for 12 out of the last 13 years, I kept thinking I was about to walk out into the courtyard of my Flat in Glasgow. It was confusing for me to be driving (first of all!) down the highways of DFW. I wanted to walk down Cathedral Street or pop in to Sainsbury’s or do some shopping down Buchanan Street.

Have you ever been taken back to another time and place by a scent?


What do you think?

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