Have you ever heard of Dublin Dr Pepper? If you’ve ever lived in Texas, you have. It’s Dr Pepper made the old fashioned way – with Imperial Cane Sugar. And it’s only made right here in Texas. Dublin, to be exact. Mom and I saw a deal for entry to the Dublin Bottling Company, and decided it was high time for a wee road trip! On the way, we stopped for lunch at Grump’s.

Simultaneously, Mom and I looked at each other and said “Queso burger!”. I opted for the jalapeño and cheddar bun while Mom went for the plain. We both are suckers for grilled mushrooms, so we had them added. The jalapeño and cheddar bun was yummy, but it was a little hard to cut through. And with the ooey gooey queso, this is defo a fork and knife kind of burger. Instead of fries, we decided to be adventurous and try the fried jalapeños and fried pickles. The only regret: these two were wayy too much for the two of us. We should have shared just one. The jalapeños were amazing. They sliced them thin and then fried the slices. It was salty and the jalapeños crunched in your mouth. A+! The pickles were yummy, but nothing to write home about.

A short drive later, we made it to Dublin!

There’s one main drag in Dublin, and right off it is the Dublin Bottling Company. It’s most easily recognized by the statue on the front corner of the former owner giving a girl a Dr Pepper. The museum is in two parts: the bottling area (which is still in use) and the collection in the building across the street. They have a small exhibit in the former offices of the bottling plant that are really cool with super old photos and memorabilia. Sadly, no photos allowed – you’ll just have to see it for yourself! Across the street, they have another building with the collection of the last owner of the bottling company. He was apparently mad about Dr Pepper and collected everything.

The best part about our trip to Dublin? We each got a free ice cream float from the shop. If you haven’t made the trip down to Dublin, you should. If nothing else than to get yourself one of those floats!


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