my new fave.

As many of you may know, I have a serious H&M problem. If my whole wardrobe could exist solely of their products, it would. And with Autumn/Winter (here in Texas, there’s not much of a difference – it doesn’t get all that cold), this skirt is my new must-have.


I fell in love with the skirt in Vienna and wore it constantly in Hungary. First of all, it’s super cute and simple. Secondly, it’s a maxi – which means that it’s totally acceptable in cooler temps. Third, and best of all, it has pockets! I am a complete sucker for dresses or skirts with pockets. It’s just so dang handy!

Skirt: H&M (here), Cami: H&M (here), Cardi: H&M (here), Watch: Swatch (here)

This is my “Why is the sun soo bright????” face.
This skirt was a little long for me in Vienna/Budapest, but once I brought it home and ran it through the tumble dryer (or dryer, as we call it here in America) it was perfect! It shrank just enough to fit my short frame perfectly! But don’t do it too much – it will shrink every time you run it through the dryer.
The skirt is made of jersey, so it’s über comfortable and swings/lays just right. The cardi isn’t super warm, which makes it perfect for autumn mornings/evenings here in Texas.

Do you love H&M too? What’s your favorite piece?


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