sweet potato pie.

I promised I would start posting some of my baking on here, and the first one up is a really great alternative to pumpkin pie. My dad, for instance, is allergic to pumpkin. So we never really get to have pumpkin pie, cause…you know…it could send him into anaphylactic shock. This is an amazing pie that tastes every bit as delicious and full of fall as pumpkin pie! In fact, you can probably trick any dinner guest into thinking this is pumpkin pie if they are afraid of sweet potatoes.

What you’ll need:
2 tablespoons softened butter
3/4 cup light brown sugar
3 large eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 cup evaporated milk
1 1/5 cup cooked mashed sweet potato
1 batch sugar cookie dough (pre-made or homemade)

For me, I find it best to take care of the sweet potatoes first. In case you’ve never made mashed sweet potatoes, here’s a quick how-to!

First, peel and cut your sweet potatoes into small hunks that are roughly even in mass so that they need about the same amount of time to cook.

Then, pop them into a nice hot bath of unsalted boiling water.

After about 8-10 minutes they should be done. They’ll start kinda floating to the top and you’ll be able to easily pierce them with a fork. When they’re done, drain them in a colander and then get ready to mash.
Your end result for mashed sweet potatoes should look something like this:
Now, back to the important part! Admittedly, I started this whilst the sweet potatoes were boiling, but you have to be able to pay attention to them too.
Whenever you start mixing the filling, go on and preheat the oven to 425ºF/220ºC.
So you get your softened butter…

and your brown sugar.

And pop them into the mixer.

Mix them together until you get the consistency of wet sand.

Then you’ll add your 3 eggs.

After mixing the eggs into the sandy mixture, you’re gonna add your spices. First up: salt.

Next is the ground nutmeg.

The ground cloves are on deck.

And last, but defo not least, the ground cinnamon.

Your mix should look something like this:

After it is all combined, you’re gonna add the evaporated milk. Some people call it PET milk – it’s all the same.

With the evaporated (PET) milk, it should look like this:

It’s finally time for the star of the show! Add your mashed sweet potato now.

Arguably, the mixture doesn’t look much different after adding the mash….just a little lumpier and slightly oranger. It’s perfect just like this:

Wanna know a secret? The absolute best crust for this sweet potato pie is sugar cookie dough. I know it’s fairly unconventional. and a bit odd. But it totally works. My Aunt W is the one who shared this secret with me. We opted for the faster option of using pre-made cookie dough, but you could use homemade. My only warning is that cookie dough crust cooks a bit faster than regular pie dough. So put it on thick, and watch it carefully.

So cut off a hunk of cookie dough…

and roll it in your hands to work it a bit before flattening the sucker.

He never saw it coming.

I decided to make the pies in some super cute 1/2 pint mason jars that have a wide mouth so I could store them for longer and give them as gifts to people. And pie is more fun when you get to eat the whole thing (without being a total pig and feeling guilty).
So, you’ll take your smooshed cookie dough crust and slip in in the jar and smoosh it even more.

You want the crust to be just under half of the jar. Like so:

When all of your jars are ready, it’s time for the filling.
Fill the jars all the way to the bottom of the ring, as they will grow like soufflé in the oven.
I put the jars on a cookie sheet just so that they’d be easy to pull out of the oven, but that’s your call.
Let them cook in the oven until the filling is firm. For me it took about 20 minutes.
As they cool, they fall a bit. Just enough for the lids!

I’m not sure if this exists outside of Louisiana, but this is my dad’s family’s favorite pie. My mom makes this for my Papaw (grandfather) sometimes and he loves it.

The best part about the cookie dough crust is that some of it will float up and through the pie. It’s so yummy.
What do you think? Have you had sweet potato pie before?

What do you think?

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