In-N-Out is a Californian delicacy. Up until 2(ish) years ago, you couldn’t find an In-N-Out west of like, Arizona. Then it came to Dallas. For the first year, there would be a guaranteed line around the building at any given time. People who love In-N-Out are fiercely loyal to their burgers.

I first learned about In-N-Out when we went to San Diego some 10-odd years ago. It was a good time and we enjoyed the experience of the Double-Double. I was among those pretty excited about it coming to DFW.

I eat at In-N-Out occasionally. It’s a pretty far piece for me to drive to any of their locations. I got a cheeseburger (single) with animal-style fries – sans grilled onions.

To me, In-N-Out has a good burger. Not really great, but definitely a step up from like, McDonald’s. I have a soft spot for their special sauce.

Animal-style fries come covered in cheese and special sauce (and grilled onions if you like). The fries are fresh cut potatoes done in store – which is cool. The only bad part about the fries is that they get cold disproportionately fast. If you eat your burger first, your fries will be cold by the time you get to them. And once that cheese sauce hardens, you’re out of luck. just grab a fork, because you’re not going to get just one fry.

Overall, for me, In-N-Out is a good burger place if you’re looking for fast food. If you’re wanting a great burger that is fancy, then In-N-Out is not your place. The service is fast and the employees are always really nice. I personally enjoy the burgers, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to have one. I just happened to be in the same neighborhood when I stopped in for lunch.


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