Hakuna Matata.

For Christmas last year, Dad gave Mom the gift that keeps on giving: tickets to Dallas Summer Musicals at Music Hall in Fair Park. The musical she looked forward to most: The Lion King! After the Lion King, we went into the State Fair of Texas to see what was new this year.

The Lion King was amazing. The performers sounded exactly like the people from the movie! My advice – don’t get an aisle seat. There are several creatures throughout the show that run up and down the aisles. Without announcement. You’ve been warned.
Fun Fact: If you have tickets to a show at the Music Hall, you can get in to the State Fair of Texas for free! (When it’s on, that is.)
The only annoying part about the fair (other than the traffic, if you drive) is that you have to buy these silly coupons (or as some people say, kyu-pawns) to do anything. Food, drink, rides. Everything.
The best thing about the State Fair of Texas is the fried foods contest that they then sell throughout the fair. My only reason for even going to the fair is the interesting new fried food.
This year’s winner for most creative was the fried Thanksgiving dinner. We couldn’t find it – and that’s a bit too weird for both of us. The Best Tasting was the Fried Cuban Roll.

The fried Cuban roll comes with mojo sauce. I found the sauce to be a little on the sweet side. The pork was incredibly tender and just melt in your mouth. Mom and I both thought that it would do well to have had a little mustard or some other strong flavor as there wasn’t a whole lot of flavor to it. That being said, this roll was mine and Mom’s favorite savory of the day.

We also treated ourselves to some Fried Bread Pudding. The guy asked if we wanted the rum sauce with it. It was very hard not to reply with “Is the Pope Catholic?”

I mean, rum sauce is a little controversial. I’ve only ever had it with whiskey or bourbon sauce. But that’s cool. It was delicious. Our only complaint was that this was a little on the small side. I get that it has to be thin to cook properly, but there could have been a little bit more. This was my favorite dessert. Mom was torn between this and the cupcake.

Next we went for the alleged fan favorite: Fried King Ranch Casserole. Here is a recipe and some backstory to King Ranch Casserole (in case you’re like me and haven’t heard of it before).

I apparently haven’t trained Mom as well as I did Rambo. While I was waiting on our grilled cheese, she ate Shreveport! (AKA the biggest city in East Texas) This casserole was shaped like the state of Texas.

For us there were two fundamental flaws to this dish. 1: Mom hates corn tortillas – one of the main ingredients of King Ranch casserole. 2: This was extremely dense and heavy. We didn’t finish it because we got tired of eating it. The flavors were good, with just the right amount of spice to say hello.

Ok. Now this is really what I’m talking about. I’m not sure what idiotgenius came up with this. But they deserve a medal. Or a lot of money. whichever. What deserves such praise? Fried Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Your eyes do not deceive you. That is a whole grilled cheese sandwich. Which was then deep-fried. and cut into quarters. and it was heaven. The only problem was the amount of grease. This sucker was practically oozing grease. Both of us squeezed as much grease out of it as we could. Also, as any American can attest to, Kraft Singles (which barely passes for cheese) is the best melt-y cheese – so that’s what was used.

After gorging on fried cheese, we went for a wander around and found the new Big Tex. I think he’s kinda creepy. Not that the old one wasn’t, but he was less creepy.

With his booming voice (and creepy animatronic mouth moving) he says, “Howdy, Folks! Welcome to the State Fair of Texas!”

After wandering for a while, we found the weird indoor food area that really shouldn’t have been indoors given the smoke of the kitchens. But through the smoke we found a beacon of hope. Fried Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Red Velvet is my fave cupcake. in the history of like, ever. Obvi, we had to get it. The cupcake was moist, but very rich. I was more than happy with just one for the two of us. Now, the frosting. There could have (and should have!) been way more. Any cupcake would have more than that. It was so heavenly when it drizzled down into the cupcake when you cut it open. yes, please!











There is more to the fair than the food. If you’re one of those weirdo health freaks. They’ve got carnival rides, games, and a pretty awesome car show.

We spent all afternoon and evening at the Fair, and decided to go home once it was sufficiently cold (after the sun went to bed).

But not before going to the ferris wheel.

Shirt: Michael Kors (similar here and here), Trousers: Zara (similar here or here), Shoes: Sperry (here), Bag: Steve Madden (similar here and here), Sunnies: Ray-Ban (similar here)

Sadly, the Fair is over for this year. But it will be back next fall with more fried goodness to enjoy!


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