Denton has a fantastic little pub on the Square that was recently redone called The Loophole. I can’t speak for the improvements, but the place is beautiful. And the food? Oh my word. Calling this place a pub is a disservice to the Loophole. This place should be called a gastropub.

First up was the white cheddar mac n cheese with pecan smoked bacon.

The cheese sauce is subtle but noticeable. The bacon is perfectly crispy – which I salute them for. There’s nothing worse than soft bacon. Most impressive is that the flavor of bacon is in every bite. Even if you don’t have any bacon on your fork, you will taste the deliciousness of bacon.

After splitting the mac n cheese, Mom and I split the wild mushroom burger.

The brie is sharp, but there isn’t enough there to overwhelm the rest of the dish. The weirdest part of this is defo the bacon jam. I’ve no clue what it is – it’s like a sweet jam-like in consistency that vaguely resembles bacon. The sweetness of the bacon jam blends really well with the sharpness of the brie. Also, the pepper of the arugula is super tasty.

As fancy burgers go, this may be the best burger I’ve found. All of the flavors of this burger blend so beautifully. It’s hard not to inhale this burger the second you bite into it.

The Loophole has a pretty extensive drinks menu with a ever-changing draught list that they give you at the table. Rambo had a couple of beers here that he’d never heard of before. They also had a pretty kick ass cocktail menu with drinks that were fairly strong (and delicious).

If you’re going out in the little d, The Loophole is worth a look.


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