Cactus Juice.

Howdy y’all! Rambo and I found the perfect place to go if you wanna visit the Wild Wild West when you’re in Budapest!

Catcus Juice is a restaurant in Jókai tér that is wild wild west themed. It is pretty cool to see. Also, in the 3 weeks we were hanging around town, we saw 2 different films using this restaurant as a set. Which is also pretty cool.
When we went to Spíler, the awesome waitress introduced me to Békésszentandrási Meggyes Sör. Here at the Cactus Juice I learned about another flavor of Békésszentandrási: Szilvás Sör. If you remember, “sör” means “beer”. “Szilvás” means “plum”! The plum beer is a little more beer-y than the cherry, but it was phenomenal. I have found yet another amazing beer/cider that isn’t sold in Texas! I seriously recommend this beer if you ever find it. Both the cherry and the plum were fantastic.

I went for the veal stew with dumplings. Unlike some of the other dumplings, these were more like croquettes. They had a soft, but somewhat crisp outside with a really smooth inside. The sauce was a little sweet – which was weird but so delish. The dumplings sopped up the juice so well.

Rambo went for the knuckle steak and pearl onion pie. It had a really great flavor and the pie dough was perfect. The insides of pies tend to be a bit dough-y if they aren’t made well. This was cooked perfectly. The only downside to this pie was the massive hunks of meat. The large hunks made it a little hard to eat, but it was defo worth the hassle.

Short answer: if you’re from the Southwest, you should check this place out when you get a bit homesick. If you’re not from the Southwest, you should check this place out for the great drinks selection and tasty, hearty food.


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