lost slippers.

About 6 years ago I was fortunate enough to travel to Eastern Europe. While in Poland we went to Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II – Birkenau. As a nearly 17 year old, I was deeply affected by what I saw. I have studied that time period as much as I can and read many things about it. One country whose misfortune I had not heard about was Hungary. As it turns out they were mostly lucky and were not subjected to many of the horrors (ie deportations) until 1944. Along the banks of the Danube, on the Pest side, they have a very poignant memorial to some of the victims.

Apparently, the Hungarian Jews had been forcibly moved into a Jewish ghetto in the early 1940s – with the Dohány Utcai Zsinagóga at the heart.

The deportations and the executions began in 1944 when the Arrow Cross Party came to power. The Arrow Cross was the Hungarian party sympathetic to the Nazi ideals. For a great deal of the executions, they walked them to the banks of the Danube river, made them remove their shoes, and stand at the edge. They were shot and fell into the river.

This memorial features bronze shoes of different sizes and genders to show the non-discrimination about age or sex of the Jews that were killed this way.

This memorial is one of the more moving ones I’ve seen. You should see it for yourself when you go to Budapest.


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