Közlekedési Múzeum.

Another one of the museums in City Park is the Museum of Transport. This museum is pretty massive and has all manner of transportation. The best part? Trains. Lots of trains. And not toys. Full size, real trains. The first thing you see as you approach the building is a couple of trains and a plane. Around the front of the building there are remnants of former bridges of Budapest which were destroyed in the Battle of Budapest. The eagle and crown were from Erzsébet Hid (Elizabeth Bridge) that was completely destroyed.

They have a really weird exhibit that is very varied. It ranges from plumbing to heating to computers. I’m not really sure the purpose. After the weird exhibit they have an exhibit on public transit. They have mostly things about the Budapest trams. Then you moved through the ship section. There must be hundreds of models of ships. The last part of the museum has motorcycles and cars. The motorcycles line the hallway to the room of cars. The cars are in a room with some insane echo. Footsteps are magnified by them to the point that the two of us sounded like a herd of elephants.I loved this scene of a woman and child at the gas station. And I still love eastern European communist-era cars. I would love to peddle around town in this baby.

The only drawback is that there isn’t very much information on anything. The signs that are there are almost exclusively in Hungarian. I don’t know if they offer guided tours – that might be something to look into. Otherwise you get to walk around and see all the pretty things. Rambo and I just gawked at the pretty things. It was great fun. Entrance is not very expensive, and you defo get your money’s worth of things to see. It took us a while to walk around the whole place and we did dawdle quite a lot.


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