Kispiac Bisztró.

Vegetarians/Vegans beware: This post is not safe.
Rambo heard about this joint a little ways away from our flat that specializes in roasted meat. This was obviously going to be a place we had to check out for ourselves.

This place is called Kispiac Bisztro. TripAdvisor warns that this is a small restaurant and that you should book a table in advance. Let me explain what “small” means: they have like 6 tables inside and maybe four tables outside. We ate a late lunch, but barely got a table.

Now, let me tell you this: It is worth the wait.
In addition to the small number of tables, they have a small menu. It is a chalkboard the wraps around the dining room.

Rambo wanted the 1/2 a roasted duck, but they had run out. So he went for the roasted pork ribs. They came out with this beautiful cracklin(g) top. That cracklin(g) top had the most delicious flavor.

I went for something a little more interesting, and got roasted pork neck. It was so tender and juicy and fabulous.

Both of our dishes came with new potato halves and some kind of a mustard sauce. The tang of the mustard sauce was so yummy with the pork. We were both in hog heaven here. (See what I did there?)

I seriously recommend a reservation, but you really should eat here. Rambo and I plan to go back to try the duck next time we’re in Budapest.


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