Farm is another ruin pub in Budapest that is a very sophisticated pub. Rambo and I called this the ruin pub for adults. They don’t have a very lengthy food menu, but their drinks menu is insane.

Unlike Szimpla or Instant, Farm doesn’t have a whole lot of indoor space. There are a couple of disjointed buildings, but mainly for storage or restrooms or eating. The bar takes up a whole room with only a few seats inside, but they have loads of seating outside. The weather in Budapest was so lovely that we often chose to be outside. This was no exception.

Painted on the corners of the walls were photographic directions to get to the restrooms or food.

Farm had a great vibe and is very modern and simplistic in decor. The drinks menu was pretty phenomenal with so many different options. Definitely be prepared for a more organic (meaning locals) and older crowd that one would encounter in the crazy touristy ruin pubs that are reminiscent of a club.


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