Rambo and I were heading in the general direction of Szimpla when we happened upon the Gozsdu Udvar passage and Spíler. Spíler is a bistropub in the Gozsdu Udvar passageway that has lots of light and excitement just emanating from the building.

For some reason they chose to use loads of bottles of Martini and Rossi to decorate their bar. But it did have a really cool sign, so I guess it’s even.

Rambo and I were intrigued by this design piece. It’s kinda weird looking. Then the bartender got some of the liquid out by pushing up the bottom a little. We asked our waitress and she told us that it was cherry pálinka.

I was going to get the Belle Vue cherry beer, and the waitress asked me if I wouldn’t rather the Hungarian version. Of course I took her up on her offer to try something local (and it worked out to be quite a bit cheaper than the Belle Vue). It’s called Békésszentandrási Meggyes Sör (Meggyes Sör means cherry beer). This beer had a much fruitier and refreshing taste than either Belle Vue or Lindemans. As a beer hater, this had enough beer to taste like beer without tasting like a real beer. A+ to Békésszentandrási!

Rambo got langós (or Hungarian pizza) with smoked mangalica ham, tomato and cheese. It was delicious. The saltiness of the ham balanced well with the tomato sauce. He liked that it was a decent amount of ham too.

I got the sweet and spicy pork belly burger. with spicy potato wedges, of course.

The pork was very tender and had an interesting asian-y sauce on it that really tasted yummy. What do you think the green stuff on top is? lettuce? no. Cucumber shavings. The coolness of the cucumber was really interesting, but the sliminess was a little off-putting. I was most of the way through when I decided I was over the cucumber and took it off. The pork belly was in shavings of pork – kinda like we cut turkey on Thanksgiving.

I’m kinda weird. I love mayonnaise with my fries. To me, there is no better condiment for fries. I am in love with the way they brought out my mayo. In a tiny camping mug!

The fries were cooked perfectly. They had a crispy outside and the inside was smooth and buttery. This is what all fries should be like.

Spíler was absolutely amazing. We had attentive and quick service, by European standards. Don’t be afraid to stick you hand up or something to catch their attention when they are walking by. It’s not rude.  I loved the cherry beer that she recommended and both of our meals were hot and fresh and amazing. I cannot say enough good things about our experience at Spíler. You should defo check it out.


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