After going to Instant and experiencing that craziness, we wanted to look into other ruin pubs to see if they were all as insane. The short answer is no. The long answer? Keep reading to see what the oldest ruin pub in Budapest was like!

The oldest ruin pub in Budapest is Szimpla kert. They have a bar with a couple of rooms and the upstairs seating area (which we didn’t see the stairs for but did see loads of people up there), but the best part about Szimpla was the massive open-air garden. It used to be the courtyard and it has some makeshift roofs, but not many.

This place is bustling and full of people, but it doesn’t feel crowded. I think it has something to do with the lack of roof, but who knows?

This car is probably the coolest seating I saw at any of the ruin pubs, and really enforces the idea of just making seats out of whatever. They had this car, which was chopped in two with the hood being turned into a bench; the other half of the car was the backseat with a bench. There was another car in the garden that was a full car without doors or a roof that you climbed into and it had two benches with a table in the middle.

Behind the glass they had a stage with a band playing for a little while.

And then we had the most surprising visitor in a bar:

This girl was walking around the bar selling carrots for like 200 Forints ($1) or something ridiculous. She said she wanted to offer people a healthy alternative to the beer and fried foods that are usually consumed on a night out. Rambo asked her if she was selling the carrots because she lost a bet. Apparently no, she is the carrot girl. I chose the smallest carrot that she had, and it was still MASSIVE. So I gnawed on my carrot like a good bunny and found a convenient holder for my carrot!

Here is another of the interesting seating choices at Szimpla:

It was a bit drizzly and chilly, so we only stayed for the one drink and half a carrot. I really liked Szimpla and thought it had such a great vibe. It was eclectic without being overwhelming (or mental). I would love to come back and hang out some more.


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