Májas Hurka

One night when Rambo and I were at The Caledonia (remember me telling you about it here?), we learned of this traditional HungarianMagyar delicacy. Zoli told us that this was something we absolutely could not miss in Budapest. 

Zoli told us that you can find this at any butcher, but that it’s best in winter. Since we might not be back for winter, we decided to go on and give it a go. We knew of a butcher around the corner from our flat and went for a mid-morning snack the next day.

Májas hurka was absolutely phenomenal. It had a crisp skin and the most amazing flavor.

For anyone who has been to South Louisiana, you probably recognize this sausage by a different name: boudin. I must warn you though, it doesn’t taste much like boudin. The flavor of this is a bit more peppery – like chaudin or haggis. It is a little confusing for your tastebuds because májas hurka has the flavor of haggis with the consistency of boudin.

Rambo and I decided to split the one and it was perfect for us. It was a little on the greasy side, but aren’t all of the best things in life that way?

If you don’t know what haggis is, don’t worry. Also, probably best not to look it up.

There is another kind of hurka called véres hurka which is similar to black pudding or blood sausage, but the local butcher didn’t have any. So I guess we have to go back someday!

I cannot recommend májas hurka enough. It was such a treat to try something local and it was so flavorful. There was the right amount of rice without feeling like you ate a rice pilaf in a sausage form. Rambo has already figured out how to get some shipped to him in Scotland!


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