let me tell you that i love you, that i think about you all the time.

In all of my travels I have found many an Irish pub, but in Budapest we found a proper Scottish pub. Seeing as Rambo is Scottish, we were obligated to go in for at least one pint.


The Caledonia is by far one of my favorite pubs ever. 

It looks like it might be a bit of an old man pub from first glance, but it’s actually a really great pub. For starters, the bar staff is fantastic. We became quite chatty and friendly with one of them in particular, Zoli. He is really cool with foreigners asking dumb questions and telling you what Hungarian words mean. 

One night when we were in Budapest, they had live music from a guy named Callum. He was actually very good. He opened his set with ‘Caledonia’ and then sang Johnny Cash and CCR and Tom Jones and the like.


Then this guy started dancing on tables, which we were told is a common occurrence in these here parts. 


Another great thing about this pub is it’s selection. They’ve got at least 20 different kinds of whisky (as well as several kinds of whiskey). Local beer and lots of imports and proper Swedish cider as well. 


This stuff is so hard to find in Texas
Above the front door it says, “There are no strangers in this bar, just friends you have yet to meet”. 


These are two of the friends we made in the pub: David and Sandra from Glasgow. They gave us heaps of pointers about Budapest and were so much fun to chat with! Who knows, maybe we’ll run into them in Glasgow or in Budapest someday soon!

Rumor has it they have amazing food, but their kitchen is undergoing renovations at the moment. Maybe next time!

I cannot recommend The Caledonia enough. It has a great atmosphere and really wonderful bar staff. And the booze is well-priced.


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