The Ring of fire.

Sometimes you just want a burger. After traveling for over a week, it was time for a good burger. TripAdvisor led us here: The Ring Café and Burger Bar. They did not lead us astray. This burger joint was pretty awesome.

I was introduced to this drink in Glasgow, and it’s fabulous. Sadly, it’s not available in the States because the FDA has called the main ingredient a carcinogen. It’s called Zubrowka – it’s bison-grass vodka. In very high doses, bison-grass is dangerous. Zubrowka has low levels, but it’s still not sold in America. I happily got myself a Zubrowka and apple juice. Which is sweet and refreshing.

The Ring Café is right on Andrássy ut – which is kind of like the Champs-Élyssées of Budapest. It’s a massive avenue with trees lining both sides and shops aplenty. They range from Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana to drug stores and Burger Kings. The Ring Café has loads of seating inside, but why not sit on the patio and people-watch? We opted for an outside table and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Now on to the tastiest part of all: burgers. They have a pretty extensive menu, with some interesting options.

Rambo got the chili burger (pro level spice!) and was very happy. The chili was a bit more like a sauce than you would see in Texas. Rambo said it was like the burger patty had been dunked in chili sauce and served. Hence the serious need for napkins! He was pleasantly surprised that the pro-level spicy was actually spicy and delicious. He also sprung for some cheddar cheese to be added on top. I mean, how can you have a chili burger without cheese?

I went a bit more daring than I usually am. I got the lamb burger with rosemary pesto and balsamic-tomato confit. I added mushrooms cause I’m a sucker for grilled mushrooms on burgers and got a side of the chili mayo for dipping my fries.

Absolutely beautiful. This burger really hit the spot. The lamb was tender and juicy, with enough of the fat left in to be flavorful. The lamb was not gamey at all, in fact, I forgot it was lamb until I had eaten almost all of it!

The chili mayo was heavenly. There was just enough spice to make it interesting, without overpowering it. You very much got the taste of the mayo and the chili being happy together.

There is one con to this place: the food can be a bit slow at times. We went there this time and our food came out very quickly. Another table, which had ordered before us, got their food after we’d already finished. The second time we ate here, our food took about 20 minutes or so to come out. So be patient, and it will be rewarded.


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