or, in English, The Great Market Hall. This joint is the largest indoor market in Budapest. It’s magnificent and beautiful.

When we walked in, I was in awe of how enormous it is. It feels even bigger than it is because of the open layout. That and the massive windows letting in beautiful sunshine.

This market was built in the 1800’s, but was heavily damaged during the bombings of WWII. It wasn’t open for many years afterwards, with restoration not happening until after the fall of communism.

On the bus tour they had talked about the many food stands in the upper level of the market, so Rambo and I decided to have lunch there. I’m not sure I would recommend it to people though. The food is fantastic, but there are many other touristspeople trying to eat lunch there as well. There are very few tables, and most of them are set aside for only a couple of stands’ customers. We found out that they will ask you to move if you didn’t buy your lunch from them. As a side note, we did lunch at 1:30pm. I can’t imagine how packed it is during proper lunchtime.

I went for a langos, which is a hungarian fried pizza. They fry the dough and then put whatever goodness you want on top. I was a bit silly and said yes to too many toppings, and mine was quite difficult to eat. But it was delicious and extremely filling. I managed to eat about half before we were asked to leave the tables, and decided to be done. I was quite full just from half. Rambo got a sausage wrapped in a langos topped with cheese. His was much more portable and easy to eat! All I got from him was, “It was good”.

It was an interesting experience to wander around. If you were to stay long-term nearby I would encourage you to check it out for food. There were also heaps of people wandering around buying their groceries and souvenir shopping. I would suggest getting your lunch at a place that has tables set aside, or taking it across the street to the square and sitting on a bench. That being said, I got C a pretty amazing souvenir from the market that I cannot wait to give her!


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