ewe-cheese dumplings.

Restaurant Zsakbamacska is a cute little restaurant just around the corner from our flat. We decided to give it a go one night, and boy were we lucky.
From the door, you go downstairs into the basement of the building. The cat welcomes you about halfway down the stairs.

I haven’t spent much time in basements, as they don’t exist in Texas. So, I was a little afraid that the basement was going to be dark and depressing. Restaurant Zsakbamacska could not be any further from that fear. The ceiling is bright white, which allows the light to reflect beautifully. The whole of the dining area was bright and welcoming. I almost felt that we were having tea at mom’s house.

I am quickly becoming a huge fan of Hungarian wine. I particularly like Tokaji. I’ve had 2 different white wines from the region, and they have both been delicious. I hope customs won’t mind me bringing a bottle or two home!

For supper, I was intrigued by the lamb stew with dill-ewe’s cheese dumplings and white wine steamed sour cabbage.

I was surprised when it came out in a very hot cast-iron skillet! It was absolutely fantastic. The lamb was super tender – I didn’t use my knife once! The sharpness of the ewe’s cheese really amped up those little dumplings I raved about here. The tang of the ewe’s cheese mixed with the intense savoriness of the lamb made them the perfect accompaniment.

After a few bites I mixed it all together and enjoyed all the flavors melding together. It was a very hearty supper (that I could not finish).

Rambo got pork loin stuffed with sausage, bacon and onion on top of lecsó with some fried potatoes.

Let’s start with lecsó – it’s like a ragout of bell pepper, onions and bacon. It has a lovely bell pepper flavor that really pervades the dish. The pork loin and potatoes happily sop up the flavor.

This place was absolutely amazing. The food was spot-on and the atmosphere was quiet and romantic. The prices are a little bit higher here than we paid at other restaurants, but it was well worth the extra couple of dollars (which is all it really was – less than $10 more for our entire meal). I think anyone looking for a nice, traditional and fantastic meal should definitely check Restaurant Zsakbamacska out. Rambo’s plate was completely empty and I practically needed a wheelbarrow out I was so full!!

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