ruin pubs.

Here in Budapest they have an ingenious way of dealing with older, run down buildings: open them up and turn them into pubs! It’s usually an old apartment building with a courtyard that they open up and make into a pub. The first one we went to is called Instant. It’s a little bit cray.

Not all ruin pubs are as weird as Instant. And the level of craziness of Instant warrants its own post.

This is the first thing you see when you walk in is the bear driving. And it only gets weirder as you go further. We grabbed our drinks and headed through to the main courtyard.

Rambo really enjoyed the weirdness of this place. They were also playing music he quite liked, Faith No More. After an hour or so, the place started to fill up, and the music changed to house music.

After having a drink in the courtyard, we started to investigate the place. They seem to have gutted the apartments, removed all the doors, and filled the rooms with whatever chairs and tables they could find. There’s little need for matching or anything like that – which just adds to the effect of the ruin pub having renewed life. I don’t know if you can tell, but there’s a plexiglass wall separating the bathroom. You can flip the light switch,  but you can’t go in. As many people said when they saw it, it serves no purpose. This restroom is in a room that has walls completely covered in sheet music. This place grew on me after awhile (and a few drinks). That being said, if you’re going here, you’ve been warned: it’s weird. I didn’t even get all of the weirdness captured.

For all of its weirdness, this place seems to be packed every night. Our flat is just along the road, and there is often a massive queue to get in (as well as drunks being sick or peeing in the street).


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