castle district and soup.

We hopped off the bus in Buda to walk around the castle district. We decided to grab a bite to eat before we started our exploration.

There was a surprising lack of restaurants near the castle that looked good, and so we settled for soup near Matthias church and the Fisherman’s Bastion.

It was a cute little shop, with a small menu. Honestly, I don’t even know what the name of this place is. It was right next to the Info stand next to the church.

Rambo got the gulash soup. Sadly, it was mostly potato and meat – very little juice, with the little juice there was being soaked into the bread by the time he got it. I went with the layered cabbage soup. Mine was fantastic. It was sour cabbage with little pork bits and a side of sour cream to add to it. The cabbage had great texture, with very little crunch left and wonderful salty flavor. My soup also was not very juicy, but it tasted great. After a semi-disappointing lunch (mainly for Rambo), we walked across the courtyard to see the church and the fisherman’s bastion.

Surround the front of the church is what is called the Fisherman’s Bastion. It is most often described as being Disney-esque. I agree wholeheartedly. To me, it looks very reminiscent of the Disneyland Castle.

Just behind the castle, they have a very interesting museum on spies. They have history of spies from back in the day, and they had loads of equipment used during the Cold War. All of the equipment was used in Hungary, some of it is Western and some is Communist. This museum was quite similar to the Stasi museum in Berlin; but rather than focusing on the cameras made (like the Stasi museum does), this one has much more radio and transmitting devices. They also have a cool Enigma coding machine that is the only 8-dial one in the world. Some of the equipment was only retired from intelligence use 10 years ago! I highly recommend this museum to anyone interested in the Cold War or intelligence. Sadly, no photos are allowed. I guess they don’t wanna give away all their secrets.


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