goose legs and chili sauce.

Before getting back on the bus tour to go to the Castle district, we stopped for lunch at Misto Bistro.

I opted for chicken paprikash with dumplings.

This dish is not spicy, more flavorful than anything. The white blob on top is a dollop of cream. The pasta-like side is a kind of dumplings that I am in love with! They are almost like crumbled dumplings (which is pretty much boiled bread). On their own, it tastes of bread and plain, but they sop of juice and flavor like it’s nobody’s business. My first order of business when I get home is figuring out how to make these babies!

Rambo got the crispy goose leg with fried potatoes and steamed red cabbage.

The goose was so tender and juicy! The potatoes seemed to have been cooked in goose fat as they had a strikingly different taste to any other potato I’ve eaten. These potatoes were rich in flavor and butter-like. The cabbage was tasty as well – the flavor of them wasn’t really elevated in any way, but they were yummy!

Just before bringing our food out, the waiter brought us this mysterious pot of stuff:

It is a chili sauce that is actually quite spicy. We both happily mixed it in with our suppers and rejoiced in spicy happiness!


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