a taste of thai in Budapest.

Rambo and I went for a walk around the neighborhood in search of some dinner.

We found Parazs Presszo on TripAdvisor (who we consult for advice quite a lot) and decided to take a break from the schnitzels of Vienna and just before dipping into the gulyás of Budapest. This Thai restaurant had quite favorable reviews and was nearby, so we set off for a walk about the area set to end up at Parazs Presszo.

a small flower stand.
a bakery. obviously.

There was a bit of confusion as tripadvisor lied about the restaurant’s address. We went to the old address, passing what we assumed to be one of the other shops (that has a different menu) on the way. We arrived at the old building (which still has the sign up) and were dejected. We decided to head back to the one with the different menu for supper. We get there, sit down and look at the menu to see that this was, in fact, the one we had been looking for all along! They appear to have moved shop – the website lists the correct address (and it appears tripadvisor has updated it as well).

I am a devout Pad Thai lover, but I decided to branch out and try something a bit different. I chose Pad Kee Mao.

It was absolutely delicious. There were some surprise onions, which I wasn’t too keen on, but the dish was very good. The pork is almost like ground pork, which means you get little bits of pork deliciousness with every bite of noodles and veg.

Rambo got Phed Yang Pad Sen – fried duck with yellow noodles. The duck was cooked superbly. It had a nice crispy outside with a smooth and flavorful inside. The mystery sauce was quite thick and really amped the flavor up. It had a nice light spice to the sauce.

This place was very comfortable and the food was delicious. It was also not very expensive – which is always nice! I would definitely recommend Parazs Presszo if you are in Budapest and looking for something a bit different.
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