the hills are alive, with the sound of music.

okay. so we didn’t actually go to any hills. nor were we in Salzburg – we remained safely in Vienna. but we were in Austria!

We set off from the hotel in the general direction of town with the sole purpose of wandering until it was time for schnitzel. After a while, we settled on Figlmüller’s for lunch.Allegedly, Figlmüller’s is one of the oldest schnitzel shops in Vienna. They boast that their Figlmüler-Schnitzel is 30cm in diameter. We didn’t measure it, but it sure looks to be about 30cm! It is even too big for the plate it comes on! I opted for the slightly more sensible wiener schnitzel of veal. It was still very much a challenge! Their schnitzels may be large, but their salt shakers are tiny! We left Figlmüler’s full of schnitzel and in search of a bit of exercise. 

I would recommend Figmüller’s for anyone wanting schnitzel. It was tasty, but rather pricey. 


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