being spontaneous.

Last week, Rambo and I received news on my visa. My hearing is in March….of next year. We’re both gutted by this news and so we decided to run away for a couple of weeks. I quit my job two weeks ago and I am just working for my dad for the time being. Luckily, universities in Scotland don’t start classes until the last week of September. That gives us ample time to meander around the continent for a while.

On Saturday we booked my flights using the air miles that we’ve both accumulated over our copious amounts of air travel (thank goodness we have a spot of airline loyalty!) American put me on an AirBerlin flight from Fort Myers, Florida to Düsseldorf, Germany finally ending up in Vienna, Austria. I was a little afraid of what AirBerlin would be like since I had never heard of it. 
Boy was I in for a surprise! This was by far one of the nicest planes I’ve ever been on. Also, I can now mark “fly on an AirBus” off of my list! The legroom left a bit to be desired (especially when the row in front of me laid their seat back), but there was so much more to enjoy that I wasn’t too fussed by that. Granted, I clock in at 5-foot-2-inches. Someone who is considerably taller than me might not feel so accommodating to the lack of legroom. That being said, there was a wee TV screen where you could pick what you wanted to watch (and not have to worry about what time it starts) AND it had a USB port to charge my phone.

Once safely in Austria, Rambo and I proceeded to eat lots and lots of delicious food. We wandered down to the river and came upon a cool restaurant called Motto Am Fluss.

They had cool little peppers as the table decorations. This immediately seemed like mine and Rambo’s kind of place!
The menu was entirely in German…which I can understand a few words, but not many. So Rambo and I were looking forward to mystery lunch after we ordered what we thought sounded good. Rambo got the club-sandwich. As you can guess, it was a club sandwich! He said it was quite enjoyable, although it was a bit large. I opted for some weird thing called basilikumknödel.

No lies. It looks a bit weird. But I was sufficiently intrigued by my green balls and sauce! Then I cut one open to find this:

They are stuffed with goat’s cheese! Essentially, they are basil dumplings stuffed with cheese. For future reference, knödel appears to be a stuffed dumpling of some sort. 
After finishing our lunches, we walked around Vienna for a wee while and then went back to the hotel for a wee lie down. Jetlag was was particularly rough for me this trip. Probably because I didn’t hardly sleep on the flight over. After naptime, we went in search of supper. We ended up at Zur Reblaus which was conveniently nearby the hotel. For drinks, Rambo got beer (unsurprisingly) and I opted for the pfirischspritzer (peach fizzy wine). 

Rambo opted for the veal Weiner Schnitzel which had really great texture and flavor. The breading on the schnitzel was perfect. It was sufficiently large as well!

I went for the more unusual route and got the Fiakergoulash. Delicious goulash where the meat was so tender you could pull it apart with your fork with no effort at all with a HUGE dumpling topped with a fried egg and a hot dog flower on top.

This goulash was top notch. The flavors were absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend both of these joints if you’re ever in town!

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