NYC culinary adventure round 1

I love trying different kinds of food. I love the opportunity to peek into people’s culture by seeing how other people treat food.

That being said, it didn’t take much for Rambo to convince me to try a Brazilian restaurant that wasn’t a churrascaria. Rambo found a place in Hells Kitchen called Rice N Beans. This place was fairly tiny (only about 10 tables in all), and it filled up really quickly. It was also dark and romantic with the little candles on the tables.

We started supper off the right way: with booze!

Rambo went with Xingu.
I went with the red sangria.

Then came the hard part: choosing what to eat. The waitstaff were very nice and explained things to us and answered all of our silly questions. Getting a starter was definitely an easy choice: pão de queijo! 

These things are seriously addictive. These pão de queijo were a bit more dense than other ones we’ve had, but that just means that they are all the more cheesier! Which obviously means better!

Rambo went for the feijoada. Feijoada is pretty much like a stew of short ribs, lumps of meat, bacon and sausage cooked with black beans and served with rice and orange and the best collard greens you have ever tasted (and that is coming from the southern girl who has eaten collard green umpteen thousand times!).

I went for the Cuban style Pulled Pork. It was slow cooked with bell peppers and onions and deliciousness. There were also some random fried plantains on the side. I wasn’t too keen on the mixing the plantains with the pork, but on their own they were good.

Not pictured: my side of rice to mix into the pork.

They also gave us little cups of yucca flour (which was amazing and I need to find that stat!) and the craziest hot sauce I’ve ever had. Rambo told me to taste it on my finger first cause it was pretty hot. OH MAN. I think he was trying to kill ALL of my tastebuds! Adding a little to the pork was delicious though.

After our culinary adventure, we went roaming around 9th Avenue looking for cool bars. 


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